English: Vaccine

Herøy municipality now offers vaccination against covid-19 to all adult residents in Herøy.

This offer includes everyone who lives and stays in the municipality.

You can find information about vaccines in several languages on our websites, but we want to go out specifically with information related to registration for vaccinations in Herøy municipality. You can find this information in different languages ​​on our website here .

It is important for us to reach everyone.

What should I do to receive the vaccine?

Everyone must first register for vaccination, so that we know who we are going to offer the vaccine to.

This means that you must register both when you want to say yes to the vaccine, but also if you want to say no. You do it here.

When registering, you must fill out a form with personal information. This form is not available in all languages. Please contact your employer who can help with registration if you need help. Servicetorget in Herøy municipality can also help with this. Please call 469 06 458 for such assistance. Please do not send a text message to this number.

The registration process should be done as soon as possible. You will be notified by a text message on your phone when it is your turn to receive the vaccine. When you receive that message, you can book an appointment yourself by logging in where you first registered.

- All adults in Herøy will be offered a free vaccine against covid-19 during spring and summer.

- The vaccination starts with the oldest and those with the highest risk of developing severe illness from the virus. After that, the younger groups of people also will be offered the vaccine.

- The vaccination is free.

- Vaccination is voluntary.

- The vaccination is usually done in two doses a few weeks apart.

- If you have had covid-19, you should still take the vaccine. You will then receive one dose, not two.

Keep yourself updated on our webpage: www.heroy.kommune.no